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040__6021The heartbeat of our Coastal family is this: that all may experience the greatness of God – that “the Gulf Coast will be saved!”

It’s this hope that led us to Bay Minette.

Many avenues were pursued, many meetings were held, and tons of energy was expended trying to figure out how to connect with our family in North Baldwin County.  However, it seemed as if nothing was finding its footing.

What took place next is nothing short of amazing!

In mid-Spring of 2015, a father, a mother, and their 3 teenage children came to visit one of our Sunday gatherings.  They loved the service, but most of all began to fall in love with the people of Coastal.  Something was taking place that was unforeseen by  (both) this new family and the people of Coastal Church.  A binding of hearts started to take place, which, in turn led to an intertwining of dreams.

Who knew that when Steve and Andrea Burton, drove onto the campus of 11101 County Road 64 along would come 20 years of pastoral ministry spanning all over Alabama, with the most recent 3 years being spent in (you guessed it) BAY MINETTE.  When God targets a community He will always raise up a person to be His hands and feet.  With a burning heart and overwhelming desire to serve the city of Bay Minette and its surrounding towns, Steve and Andrea and their 3 teenagers, Rebecca, Joshua, and Micah, are those people.

With a small group that met in the Burton home, this idea of renewal for Bay Minette begin to take hold.   The group quickly grew, so much that within a couple of months it outgrew their home and had to be moved into another location.

After that, an interest meeting was held at the Bay Minette Civic Center to see who would be interested in planting a church in this city that would be (noting short of) “ a church for the rest of us”.   We’d say that they were pretty interested with over 150 people in attendance on that night!  Because of this phenomenal interest, plans rapidly begin to come together to build a life-giving center for all that would want it.

Now here we are, living the dream of God alongside our North Baldwin family.  In this it is easy to see that this vision is not impossible. . .



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