Proverbs 3:6

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.”

Often, there are times in our lives where we need direction and we don’t know what to do. When I first learned this scripture, it was one of those times for me. I needed direction and I desperately wanted to take the “right path.” So I began to think to myself… What does it mean to acknowledge God in all my ways? It literally means to ask, inquire, and regard, His opinion about everything. It’s easy to ask for God’s direction about some things, but He wants us to do it with ALL things. If you’re assembling something, you can’t skip over a bunch of steps and then expect to see something recognizable. That’s what God is saying in Proverbs 3:6. If you’ll do steps A and B, then God will direct you in steps C, D, E and so forth. You can’t skip steps. If we’ll do step A that God tells us to do, then step B will become visible. In fact, this is the way that God has ordained life to work. This is God’s method. God won’t show us step B unless we first do step A. Most believers get upset with God because they can’t envision steps C and D; but they refuse to obey God by performing steps A and B. God will Guide us through the seemingly difficult and impossible situations in our life, if we’ll simply take the first steps. Think about Noah and the Ark. Noah couldn’t envision the rain and floods coming down, but nevertheless he obeyed God, building the ark day-by-day until it was complete. It took Noah 120-years to build the ark. Considering that it had NEVER rained before, that took Noah A LOT of faith. But when the rains came down, I know Noah and his family were thankful that they acknowledged God and they were obedient to His plan. God’s word will always lead us and guide us. When we are prayed up (asking and regarding) and then listening and obeying, we can be assured that we will always be on the right path.

Thought of the Day or Question of the Day:

What do you need to acknowledge God about today?