Isaiah 31:5

“Like birds hovering overhead, the LORD Almighty will shield Jerusalem; He will shield it and deliver it, He will ‘pass over’ it and will rescue it.” 

Favor, the word sounds good, right? Many may ask what favor is and may even have developed their own definition. We want to fully understand favor, but just as important, don’t we want to know how to get it?

Throughout the Bible we are told we are Children of God. When we think about a healthy parent-child relationship, we can see how favor is evident. Parents want the best for their children. They are ready to give them all they can. However, at the same time, the parent develops the child, protects the child and prepares the child for what lies ahead, be it good or bad. When the child submits themselves to the parents’ leadership, they receive good things and learn things that will be helpful down the road. This is how God operates in our lives. The Bible clearly lays out the process to submit ourselves to God’s leadership and ultimately find ourselves in His favor.

FAITH is the first step toward God’s favor. This is the part where we believe in God’s promises despite our circumstances. Circumstances may not look like what we think they should, but God is still good, he’s still guiding and preparing us. Sometimes our prayers aren’t answered the way we think they should be, but in faith, we believe God’s answer is always for our good. We thank God, whether or not we receive the answer we’re seeking, because we know He has our best interest in mind. God has a destination for our lives and He is going to shield us and protect us, even from our own desires, in order to help us get there. Let’s look at a few real-life examples.

We look at a couple dealing with infertility. The situation is not what they had planned, but in FAITH they turn to God and say, “You know what, God, this situation really stinks, but we know you have the best for us. We have faith that you are at work in this situation and we thank you for the lives of our children. And we are so blessed that you are going to entrust us as parents to develop world changers.”

Another family maybe struggling financially. They are doing everything they can to make something happen, but nothing seems to be working. Things keep falling through and they are doing everything they can to handle their finances responsibly. Through all the frustration, in faith, they thank God for what he has for them despite not getting the job they thought they would get, or the opportunity they were hoping for fell through.

The second step to God’s favor is OBEDIENCE. Obedience is following God’s plan for your life and submitting yourself to His leadership.

The family struggling with infertility through obedience is investing in the lives of the children around them. God is telling them to serve in the children’s ministry, sponsor someone else’s child to go to kid’s camp, and throw showers and celebrate with people who are having kids of their own. These are not things God commands us to do, but He does tell us to, “rejoice with those who are rejoicing”.

The people that are facing financial hardship, in obedience, begin to tithe consistently, work hard, join and even lead a Financial Peace University class. This is “seed time and harvest” living. In obedience, sew seed where you would like to see God work in your life.

Finally, we find ourselves in God’s FAVOR. This is where you claim your place in the favorable sight of God. If we look at Isaiah we see the Lord promises to “deliver” Jerusalem while shielding and rescuing them. God uses the imagery of a bird flying overhead. This is interesting because birds fly directly to their destination. When you get in a car and drive cross country, there are a lot of diversions and things you must face, such as traffic, road conditions and those jerks that cut you off. But in a plane, we are delivered almost directly to our destination; limited traffic, more safety, more comfort and A LOT less time spent in route. This is how God will “deliver” us to our destination when we are in his favor.

The family with the infertility issues received their promise when they met the birth mom of their child at a kid’s event they were serving at. And the family that was dealing with financial issues received favor when God gave them an opportunity that was something others would have had to work 10 years to obtain. Despite the circumstances these families had faith, despite the frustrations they were obedient, and ultimately found themselves in the favorable sight of God .

Thought of the Day: Through all circumstances, I will have faith, through the frustration I will be obedient, and I claim God’s favor in my life.