Chad Stafford

Lead Pastor

Perhaps Bon Jovi was a prophet the day he penned the question, who says you can’t go home? Because that is exactly what Chad & Jennifer have done… return home.

Upon graduating from Central Bible College, the Staffords have been in full-time ministry for over 20 years having served in almost every area of church work.

Chad grew up in Daphne and played football and baseball at Daphne High School. He was a youth pastor in Daphne from 1999-2004, where the youth ministry became recognized as one of the best in the nation. He served as a football and baseball coach at Daphne High School as he and Jennifer poured their life into the Eastern Shore community.

During their time as youth pastors in Daphne, Jennifer was a full-time teacher, part-time staff member, tutor, member of the music department, mentor to teenage girls, a coach’s wife, a pastor’s wife and an intense Daphne High School Trojan fan. If Jennifer was not at the church she was more than likely at the baseball or football field.

On October 12, 2007, Chad & Jennifer welcomed their first son, Evan Charles Stafford. Evan loves people, the legos and coding! He is a very happy boy that always wears a huge grin.

The Staffords feel called by God to spend the rest of their life here on the Eastern Shore. Coastal Church is the church they want to pastor and Daphne is where they want to live and raise Evan. When you’ve been all around the world there is only one place left you want to go. Home.