Friday Night Dinner Club

Leader(s): Quain and Gay Harris, Daniel Bowman and Pam Akins
Location: Various Locations
Time: Two Friday's per month at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: No
Come and join us for a fun Friday night dinner together!

Potluck Dinner Club

Leader(s): Charlie and Sharon Stafford
Location: Coastal Café
Time: Every Other Sunday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: No
Join us for a Sunday potluck and fellowship together!

Empty/Nearly-Empty Nesters Potluck Dinner Club

Leader(s): Phillip and Connie Tidwell
Location: Tidwell Home
Time: Every Other Sunday at 5:00pm
Childcare provided: No
Empty and nearly-empty nesters, come and join us as we fellowship together!

A Group for the Rest of Us for Active, Vibrant, Adventurous Activities

Leader(s): Mel and Syble Mashner
Location: Various Locations
Time: June 8 and July 20
Childcare provided: No
Come and join us for some adventurous living activities together!

Fun, Activities, Food and Fellowship 

Leader(s): Tom and Jan Blando
Location: Various Locations
Time: June 26, July 10 and July 24 at 11:00am
Childcare provided: No
Come and join us for activities at the Coastal Café walking trail, Five Rivers and Daphne Park! After the activity, we will enjoy lunch together!

Adults “Provecho” Let’s eat Mexican Food!!

Leader(s): Robert and CJ Weinstein
Location: Various Locations
Time: One Friday per month at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: No
Meet us at a Mexican restaurant for socializing and supper!

50+ Club Lunch Bunch

Leader(s): Howard and Nancy Danley
Location: Various Locations
Time: One Friday per month at 11:15am
Childcare provided: No
Come and join us for a buffett lunch and fellowship time together! We will all meet at the church and leave from there together.

Prayer Shawls

Leader(s): Maddie Temonia
Location: Coastal Café
Time: 1st and 3rd Monday at 9:00am
Childcare provided: No
If you have a passion and love for knitting or crocheting and would like to combine your hobby into a prayerful ministry to create a prayer shawl to be given to a person in need, come and join us. This is an opportunity for both giver and receiver to feel the unconditional embrace of a sheltering, loving God.

Senior Ladies Pool Plunge

Leader(s): Judy Ashton
Location: Ashton Home
Time: 1st and 3rd Thursday at 1:00pm
Childcare provided: No
Fun pool time and social time with wonderful women.

Fired Up Over 50

Leader(s): Paul and Barbara Bronold
Location: Bronold Home
Time: Wednesday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: No
Join us for fellowship and Bible study time.