The Indestructible Marriage by Jimmy Evans

Leader(s): Derick and Jenny Smith
Location: Bowman Home
Time: Sunday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: Yes
So many people are losing confidence in the institution of marriage and it's having a catastrophic effect on society. The good news is that marriage still works when you follow the right plan. The Indestructible Marriage will help you turn the tide and revolutionize your relationship. The cost is $10 for the workbook and both the husband and wife must attend together.

FPU - Money Matters by Dave Ramsey

Leader(s): Scott Huff & David Tressler
Location: Salt Life Spa in Fairhope
Time: Sunday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: Yes
How different would your life be if you lived on a budget, were debt free, and were able to give more to the church and to others? During Money Matters you will explore how to create a financial vision that will free you to manage your finances the way God intended. You will learn how to set financial goals, create a budget, invest in the future, and be generous with the resources God has given you. Money Matters will help you move forward to financial freedom.

RELAT10NSHIP: Finding Relationship through God’s Top 10

Leader(s): Jeff and JoAn Chartier
Location: Chartier Home
Time: Thursday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: No
When we think of the 10 Commandments, many of us think of a list of rules telling us what not to do. But the truth is God designed them as a way for us to have relationship with Him. In this 10-part series, Pastor Robert Morris explains how each commandment is actually a principle that draws us into a deeper relationship with Him.

From The Father's Heart

Leader(s): Adrienne Smith
Location: Location TBA
Time: Sunday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: Yes
Join us for a time of worship and prayer for the body. 

Fresh Start

Leader(s): Jennifer Stafford
Location: Coastal Café Conference Room
Time: Sunday at 9:15am
Childcare provided: yes
Welcome to your Fresh Start. This teaching series is designed to give new believers an encouraging space to talk about who God is and what having a relationship with Jesus means for your life.

Couples and Singles Bible Study

Leader(s): Paul and Barbara Bronold
Location: Bronold Home
Time: Wednesday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: Yes
Couples, co-eds and singles, join us for a time together in the Word.

Crown Finances Class

Leader(s): Matt and Marina Simpson
Location: Coastal Café
Time: Sunday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: Yes
In the world’s economy, success is measured by what you have in your hand. In God’s economy, success is measured by what is in your heart. When you align your beliefs with biblical truth, the right behaviors will follow. Crown exists to help individuals, families, and churches live in financial freedom as a direct result of heart transformation. Getting out of debt, living on a budget, and having money in the bank are important. But if that’s all we did, we would fail in our real mission. For us, stewardship isn’t about ordering your life in such a way that you can spend as much as you want on whatever you want. True stewardship is ordering your life in such a way that God can spend you however He wants to spend you.


Just James Facebook Bible Study

Leader(s): Theresa Burge
Location: Facebook
Time: N/A
Childcare provided: N/A
Teachers, join us for an online Facebook study on the Book of James as we start back to the new school year!

Women's Encounter Group

Boundaries for your Soul

Leader(s): Monica Peak
Location: Spanish Fort Office
Time: Monday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: No
We often think about setting boundaries with other people or with ourselves in terms of diet, exercise, getting enough sleep, etc. These are areas in which boundaries are important. Boundaries for Your Soul is about knowing and loving all of the different parts of you, which God created for a purpose, and learning to live through our Holy Spirit-led Self. The cost is $15 for the book and study guide material. 

Stuck by Jennie Allen

Leader(s): Rebecca Sexton, Amy Harmon, Erin Camilleri, Michelle McCary, Rhoda Pugh, Maria Pereda
Location: Coastal Café
Time: Wednesday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: Yes
Do you feel stuck? So many of us live stuck. Stuck in trying to seem perfect. Stuck in sadness. Stuck feeling numb. Stuck pursuing more stuff to make us happy. Stuck in something we can't even name. These stuck places often go unattended inside of us and they are shaping our lives more than we would like to think. We've been trying to fix this feeling with everything but...God. He has a plan for these spaces inside of us, the places we feel broken, but we have to go to Him. Stuck is a journey to take an honest look at the fight going on inside, leading us to the God who has a plan to restore it, to restore us.

Taste & See: Discovering God Among Butchers, Bakers & Fresh Food Makers

Leader(s): Kerry Miller and Paige Rollins
Location: Miller Home
Time: Wednesday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: Yes
This Bible study will change the way you read the Bible forever...and the way you approach every meal.  God is a foodie too! His focus on food in the Bible is meant to do more than satisfy your stomach. It’s meant to heal your soul and draw you closer to Christ. Let’s taste and see God’s goodness together!

Anxious For Nothing by Max Lucado

Leader(s): Betty Sue Schryver and Paige Rollins
Location: Rollins Home
Time: Monday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: No
While anxiety is a part of life, it doesn’t have to dominate your life. With God as your helper and his promises at your side, you can sleep better tonight and smile more tomorrow. You can talk yourself off the ledge and view bad news through the lens of God’s sovereignty. You can discover a life of calm and develop tools for combating the onslaught of anxiety.

Truly Free by Robert Morris

Leader(s): Colleene Cronin
Location: Cronin Home
Time: Tuesday at 10:00am
Childcare provided: No
What Is Keeping You from Being Truly Free? Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Matthew 28:18). As believers, we have Christ and never need to be afraid, yet we are not immune to the effects of evil. Even if we’re saved and trust in Christ, we may still find areas in which we just can’t get victory. Maybe it’s a sin we’ve confessed again and again, or a constant struggle with depression, anger, or lust. These long-imbedded patterns of shameful living continue to entangle us day after day, month after month, and even year after year. In Truly Free, bestselling author Robert Morris invites us into a glorious truth—that the promise of being set free from the slavery of sin is a promise to be set free completely.

Have Faith

Leader(s): Gay Harris and Amanda Blake
Location: Simpson Home
Time: Wednesday at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: Yes
Come and hear faith filled testimonies of the miracles God has done in the lives of ordinary people. Learn to speak God's truth into your life, pray prayers of faith, use scripture declaration and increase your ability to believe God for your best life yet!


Leader(s): Amanda Beyer and Beth Matthews
Location: Matthews Home
Time: Sunday at 5:30pm
Childcare provided: Yes
LIFE, a small group Bible study and conference experience, is designed to help believers move from the experience of salvation to the abundant life that Jesus desires for them. The mission of LIFE is to equip participants to remove every obstacle to intimacy with God and walk in the true freedom provided through the work of the cross. The 12-week course focuses on six areas of personal growth: Living in the Tree of Life, Walking in the Spirit, Surrendering our Lives to the Lord, Learning to Speak Words of Life, Becoming a Vessel God Can Use and Living as a Worshipper. Please note that there is a fee per person for this class and conference experience.