Coastal Women Gather

Leader(s): Jennifer Stafford
Location: Coastal Church
Time: July 12 at 6:30pm
Childcare provided: No
All Ladies of Coastal Church are invited to a night of worship, teaching and fellowship.

Women's Care Medical Center

Leader(s): Women's Care Medical Staff
Location: WCMC in Robertsdale
Time: As Scheduled
Childcare provided: No
If you would like to volunteer at Women's Care Medical Center, join this group to learn more. 

Lunch with a Purpose

Leader(s): Christina Quick
Location: Various Locations
Time: June 19 and August 7 at 11:30am
Childcare provided: No
Ladies, come and enjoy a purpose-filled lunch together!

Mother Arrow

Leader(s): Heather Duncan
Location: Online
Time: N/A
Childcare provided: N/A
If our purpose, as mothers, could be illustrated, I image we'd be painted as an arrow continuously pointing up…to Him, to Christ! The illustration would be called "Mother Arrow." The purpose of this group is to support, encourage and inspire mothers to be just that - a living, breathing arrow. One that, despite the storms and trials of motherhood, will always find itself positioned as a compass...Northward! Pointing us up to the one whose grace will carry us through!

Lunch Bunch

Leader(s): Jennifer Stafford
Location: Various Locations
Time: June 25, July 23 and August 6 at 12:00pm
Childcare provided: No
Let's meet for a yummy lunch and fellowship.

Women's Encounter Group

Leader(s): Jill Holt
Location: Holt Office
Time: June 3 and July 1 at 6:00pm
Childcare provided: No
Join as this summer as we meet to eat and fellowship together.

Monday Splash Pad Fun

Leader(s): Melissa Spriggs
Location: Coastal Café
Time: Monday at 11:00am
Childcare provided: No
Moms and kids, join us for play time at Coastal Café!

Beach Playdate

Leader(s): Alex Scott
Location: Various Beach Locations
Time: Every other Tuesday at 9:00am
Childcare provided: No
Moms and kids, its summer and that means a fun trip to the beach for some playtime together!

We Rock The Spectrum Playdate

Leader(s): Christina Quick
Location: We Rock The Spectrum Gym
Time: June 18 and August 6 at 10:00am
Childcare provided: No
Need a break from the heat? Come and join us at the best indoor gym in town!

Sister's Just Wanna Have Fun

Leader(s): Rebecca Sexton
Location: Various Locations
Time: One Saturday Per Month
Childcare provided: No
Sisters, join us for a once a month activity and fun together!

Ice Cream Social

Leader(s): Kellie Dorie
Location: Various Locations
Time: 1st and 3rd Saturday at 7:00pm
Childcare provided: No
What’s better than ice cream in the summer heat? Come and join us for some sweet treats!

Young Wives Club

Leader(s): Brittani Wojtowicz and Nicole Carney
Location: Coastal Café Patio
Time: Every other Thursday at 7:00pm
Childcare provided: No
It is so hard being a young, Christian wife in today's culture, so here we will be able to connect with like minded souls and indulge in God's word.